Saddlehorn Ranch raises quality Wiltshire Horn breeding stock.  We are one of the premier breeders of Wiltshire Horns in the United States, and we strive to breed the finest Wiltshire Horns available.  We have breeding stock for sale year round.  All of our sheep are registered through The Livestock Conservancy (formerly the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy ALBC).

Wiltshire Horn Sheep have an ancient heritage which may date back to Roman times.  The Wiltshire Horns are a hardy meat sheep, characterized by their high fertility, good muscling, their ability to do relatively well in poor conditions, high quality meat production, and the natural shedding of their wool in the summer.  Wiltshire Horn sheep in a crossbreeding program work well due to an increase in Hybrid Vigor.

The Wiltshire Horn was until the 18th century one of southern England's predominant sheep breeds.  The rise in wool prices saw the breed suffer decline to near extinction at the start of the 1900's.  In 1923 to save the breed the Wiltshire Horn Breed Society was formed.  By the early 1980's there were 45 registered flocks in the UK.

Wiltshire Horn mothers are fertile with a high incidence of twins.  They are good milkers, are easily managed, are low maintenance, and have no lice or fly problems due to their natural shedding, with lean meat and superior flavor.

The producer can expect quality, naturally reared, full flavored meat without the need to shear.  The females are good mothers and have high fertility.  Male and female Wiltshire Horns both have horns.  Rams horns will grow one full spiral each year until maturity.  The wool grows thick in the winter and sheds in the summer.

Full grown Wiltshire rams weigh out at 250-300 pounds and ewes 150-175 pounds.  They require little shelter from the elements, doing well on good grass and hay, only needing grain a few weeks before lambing and while nursing. 

Horned breeds are hardy, thrive in harsh conditions and on average have larger carcass frames. Polled sheep breeds were initially bred to make shearing easier and safer. As Wiltshire Horn sheep do not need to be sheared, the horns are not a problem.

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